Halogen Claims auditing services


An Underwriter once said that the two cardinal sins of a claims department are under-reserving and over-reserving! Getting the reserves as accurate as possible is crucial both in terms of solvency and rate setting. Actuaries need to know they can rely upon the figures when making forecasts. Halogen can review your reserves and give a detailed assessment as to their adequacy or otherwise.


Calculate 10% of your claims spend. That's how much you could be wasting!

Halogen has developed a unique leakage spreadsheet which not only measures the extent of your leakage but identifies the specific reasons. Having carried out leakage reviews for a number of claims organisations, Halogen can then benchmark your results against your peers.


Reinsurance claims are usually handled by experienced handlers, using solicitors with appropriate expertise and are overseen by reinsurers. Nevertheless, occasionally a fresh pair of eyes can see a way forward that might have been overlooked by those closely involved.


‘Treating Customers Fairly' is not optional but an FSA requirement. The philosophy has to be  embraced from the top down. Halogen can help you ensure that you are meeting your obligations in this regard.


May be you would like to start the process with a general review incorporating the claims process as a whole with a view to focusing on specific areas based on the ‘general' audit findings.

The commentary above is only an indication of how Halogen might help. For more detailed information please contact us