Claims Consultancy

Halogen Claims: Claims Consultancy

First Notification of Loss (FNOL)

Critical both in terms of service provision and information gathering, FNOL is often outsourced. Halogen has experience in setting up FNOL solutions and can help you with your deliberations in this regard.

Computer Systems

Visiting numerous claims operations, Halogen has a depth of experience in dealing with computer systems. It also has experience in designing, user-testing and rolling out new systems. If you are seeking to update or replace your system, Halogen can help.

Image-based Claims Handling

The thought of image-based claims handling can send a shiver down a Claims Manager's spine but properly designed and deployed, it can bring considerable efficiencies and greater control. Halogen's experience might help you to avoid some unexpected pitfalls.


Downsizing may require office closures, redundancies etc. but at the same time the claims still have to be handled. Matching the work to the resources and maintaining morale can be tricky. Halogen has considerable experience in this regard and would be pleased to help.

Process Management

When the pressures on, it's sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees. Halogen can help you to stand back and re-evaluate the way you do things, with a view to maximising efficiency and maintaining a first class service within budget.

The commentary above is only an indication of how Halogen might help. For more detailed information please contact us