Handling Services

Halogen Claims: Handling Services

Surge Support

Even in the best managed claims organisations, unexpected pressures can arise leading to backlogs beginning to build. These are best confronted as quickly as possible. Halogen can put together a ‘Task Force' to supplement and support your claims department with a view to nipping the backlog in the bud before it snowballs to extreme levels.

Deadwood Clearance

When the pressures on, the diary often suffers. This can lead to redundant reserves remaining in place, distorting your results and subsequent forecasting. It is crucial that this ‘deadwood' is cleared and the figures returned to a realistic level. Halogen is experienced at clearing large volumes of deadwood, releasing substantial over-provisions.


As with ‘Deadwood Clearance', recoveries often fall behind when a department falls into backlog. TP insurers are unlikely to write reminding you to chase them for reimbursement! Substantial sums can be outstanding and need to be chased with vigour. Halogen can help you identify the appropriate cases and secure recovery as quickly as possible.

The commentary above is only an indication of how Halogen might help. For more detailed information please contact us